Mexico, Central and S. America

Mexico is so much more than just a pretty beach.

Home of tequila, colonial towns, mystical pyramid sites and Baja eco adventures.

Arrive Guadalajara, second largest city in Mexico and home of mariachi music. Take a day trip on the Tequila Express, a 90 minute train ride where you can visit tequila distilleries and see how it is produced. From there you have easy access to colonial towns such as Morelia, founded in 1541, and the nearby Patzcuaro Lake where the Day of the Dead is celebrated every year. 3 hours away is San Miguel de Allende, famous for its beauty, arts and crafts and also for its many hot springs. 45 minutes away is the city of Guanajuato, famed for its picturesque plazas, cobblestone streets and underground tunnels. Built like a maze, it reminds one of the city of Toledo in Spain. This historic city is the cradle of Mexican Independence. All these colonial cities have been declared a cultural patrimony of humanity by UNESCO.

Another place to visit is the beautiful city of Oaxaca, home of the archeological sites of Mitla and Monte Alban which were built by the Mixtec-Zapotec, pre-hispanic people of the area. Oaxaca is famous for its cuisine, still alive ancient culture and its artwork. If you are brave enough, try a spicy grasshopper snack with a drink of mescal. Oaxaca boasts the largest outdoor marketplace in all of Mexico.

The Mayan culture and pyramid sites are found in the Yucatan peninsula. This is where you will find the most gorgeous white sand and turquoise water beaches combined with the ancient remnants of the Mayans, and in places such as Tulum, they are side to side.

Enjoy thousands of miles of coastline in Baja Sur. This is where the gray whales come to mate and then the following year come to give birth to their calves. Here you have the opportunity to come up close to these wonderful mammals and if lucky, you may get to pet one. Baja is also where fish tacos originated.