Scandia Travel in the News


K.P., San Francisco, CA
“If I could give Tone 10 stars, I would! She is superb and a rare treasure among travel agents who now value business travelers over leisure ones. I have been traveling with the family each summer for the past 15 years for 8-9 weeks at a time. Our trips are multi destination and never straight forward. Being picky travelers and value conscious too – we look for deals on the best airlines for the best routes and best seats. Add to that other travel questions I always have and you have a very challenging customer to satisfy. For Tone, this did not prove to be an issue AT ALL!! She was efficient, fast, very responsive, got me great deals and answered my million questions without batting an eyelid or making me feel like I was too demanding.”

Y.M., Santa Monica, CA
“Scandia Travel Unlimited is the best! Tone is alway super efficient and reliable. Twice, I’ve taken month long vacations around Europe and I’ve never had any problems with the service she provided. She recommends great hotels and insights to each city and country. I wouldn’t want anyone else as my agent. Thank you Tone!!”

C.K., Provo, UT
“I got turned turned on to Tone and her crew in the early 90s and I am so very glad. Very knowledgeable, super-friendly and sneaky-smart. I have gone to four of five continents with the great support and aid of Scandia Travel…and I couldn’t be happier. Switching tickets while in Morocco, changing airports in Jordan, finding that great hotel in Copenhagen…I could go on. Having someone in your court, and available by email, when things go sideways is priceless. She also finds unbeatable deals. Please ask Tone why you should never blue jeans on an international flight…she’ll tell you the secret!”

K.E., San Francisco, CA
…whenever I use scandia travel. They charge a broker fee of $35, but almost every time I use them they save me over $200 in comparison to what I find online.