Something about Copenhagen

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Denmark – A true Fairytale Land




Start you visit to Denmark by staying a few days in the magnificent capital Copenhagen. Many surprises are awaiting you such as the Tivoli Gardens, The Royal Castle, The Glyptotek Museum and the famous Royal Ballet, some of the best shopping for home décor, glass, porcelain and jewelry. For those of you who wants a nice workout, Denmark is an excellent place to explore on bicycle. Take the opportunity feel like a native Dane and explore Copenhagen and its surroundings by bike. Another fun way to get around town is by kayak. Make sure to sign up for a Historical Guided walking tour. You can choose to stay in excellent hotels, cozy Inns or Castles along the way.

The Island of Fyn

Make sure to visit Odense, the village where the world famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen came from. There are many Michelin starred restaurants in Denmark. Still, – make sure not to miss trying a traditional red hot dog!

Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art

The many and varied impressions and the whole experience is what makes a Louisiana visit something special: from the Old Villa, through the Glass Corridors to the Calder Terrace and the panoramic view of the Sound – and through the Park and the Galleries above and below ground. Louisiana is situated on the cost in between Helsingor and Copenhagen.

Other suggested things to see are:

Kronoborg Castle – home of Shakespear’s Hamlet, Helsingor.

The ‘free city’ of Kristiania, a neighborhood in Copenhagen

Carlsberg brewery, Copenhagen