Start your visit to Norway by spending a few days in the magnificent capital of Oslo. Many surprises await you such as Vigeland Sculpture Park, The National Gallery featuring Edward Munch’s paintings. The new Opera House in the shape of and iceberg, and the Viking Museum. Take a stroll to “Bryggen”, where you will find an array of restaurants and bars. This is where everyone gathers, it is vibrant and lively, the “heartbeat” of Oslo.

National Geographic has named the Norwegian Fjords as the world’s best travel destination. With limited time to spend we can arrange a 2 day tour from Oslo to Bergen, including the world famous train ride form Myrdal to Flam. This is one of the world’s steepest rail road, offering spectacular views of the mountains and water falls. From Flam you will continue to Balestrand by boat and overnight in an historic Fjord Hotel. You will be served a wonderful dinner, and after breakfast the next morning you will cruise the Sognefjord which is the deepest and longest fjord of the all, and arrive Bergen by sea, – just the way the Vikings did.

Surrounded by seven mountains and seven fjords Bergen is an old Hanseatic City and our gateway to the Fjord County. Make sure while you are there to try a traditional “fiskekake”, fish cake or a “Bergensk Fiskesuppe”, a delicious fish showder.

With more time to spend, we suggest a visit to the Hardanger Fjord and its National Park, catering to 2 of Norways largest glaciers. A journey to Alesund, famous for its Art Noveau buildings and from there visit the Geiranger Fjord.

Last but not least, the best way to take it all in is to sail with Hurtigruten along the coast line from Bergen to Kirkenes, an artic city close to the Russian border.




Start your visit to Sweden by staying a few days in the magnificent and majestic capital Stockholm, known as “Venice of the North”, due to its many waterways and islands. Many surprises await you such as The Vasa Museum with the oldest seventeenth-century ship in the world, the Royal Castle, the Abba Museum and last but not least the Old Town. Makes sure to sign up for a walking tour. Do not miss taking a boat sightseeing tours to see the beautiful archipelago that surrounds Stockholm. Pay a visit to the neighborhood of Södermalm, “Söder”, which has become the coolest and trendiest neighborhood of Stockholm, filled with art galleries, cozy restaurants, second hand shops and a heaven for Stockholm’s “hipsters”.

Visit the Island of Gotland.


Just a couple of hours boat ride from Stockholm. Most people have never been to this beautiful medieval trading post in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The historical Hanseatic city of Visby is called “The City Of Roses”, and if you travel in summer you will understand why. Visit monuments from the 13th century, enjoy cozy restaurants mingled with old houses along cobblestone streets. Gotland is perfect for bicycling. Enjoy a lime stone cave or simply relax on one of the islands fine sandy beaches.

The Ice Hotel – An annual art project in Jukkasjarvi – North of the Artic Circle.

Staying at the Ice Hotel is an experience unlike any other. No matter how cold it gets outside it will never be colder than -7ºC inside. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there are warm rooms as well. Most of our clients opt to stay one night in a cold room and then a couple of nights in a warm room. This is the place to enjoy wonderful food, dog sledding and observing the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis.


Aurora Borealis


northern lights

Anywhere in Iceland, Norway or Finland

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